The project

Allure Residence Budapest is one of the largest housing estate developments of the capital, and offers 520 new, sunny and homey apartments just around the corner from the Danube river, the Palace of Arts (Müpa Budapest) and the National Theater. The investment of three building blocks is realized in six steps. You can choose from the 37–125 sqm. apartments of the first phase of the housing estate to be completed in the first quarter of 2018. The underground garage, the new shops and the spacious community spaces all serve your comfort.

Apartments of the first phase are currently on sale, those of the second phase are expected to be sold starting from the end of 2016. Check our current offer and choose your new home still today! It is a great feeling to be first! Get information either from our brochures or in our sales office, on our website, or on our Facebook page you can continuously follow the construction of the Allure Park Budapest.


The excellent infrastructure of the neighborhood is one of the main benefits of this housing estate. There are countless cultural institutions, shops, shopping malls, educational institutions and ideal sports venues in the rapidly developing 9th district. Tramlines 2, 24 and 51 and bus lines 23, 54 and 55 have stops nearby. You can easily get to the downtown either by car or by public transport but also on foot.

The housing estate is being built on a centrally located place, just around the corner from the Danube riverside and the Palace of Arts. The West-facing apartments face Vágóhíd utca and you can see the Palace of Arts and the National Theater from their terraces. The east-facing apartments overlook the enclosed inner garden guarded by non-stop porter service.




Ferencváros has been recently recognized, as it has won an award that is also called the Oscar of the trade. In order to fully meet the district’s expectations, we consulted the District Chief Architect and the head of the permitting authority several times during the design phase. The designs were then submitted for discussion to the District Architectural Design Council, which accepted them upon minor modifications. You can download the accepted designs of Allure Residence Budapest from here: I. Phase, II. Phase, III-IV. Phase




General technical description of the Allure Residence Budapest housing estate::

Basic design principles:

We are establishing a housing estate consisting of 3 building blocks / more than 500 apartments and constructed in 6 phases, with a 1st floor roof garden with community spaces in order to establish the connection between the blocks and with spaces to let on the ground floor. A single level underground garage will be built underneath the ground level.

A primary feature of a homey apartment is that it is lit by sufficient amount of natural light. The main guideline considered in the design phase was the solar access of the building. This is why the blocks are North-South oriented and have a cascading mass towards South. The terrace slabs running around and protruding on each floor play an important role in summer solar protection and create a pleasant atmosphere in the apartments. The residential buildings are going to form masses parallel to each other, the use of which layout does not create inner courts but streets. This sort of layout was necessary because it allows viewing to the North and South from the buildings facing each other, thus the connection between the inner building space and the outer space becomes freer and more airy than in case of an inner court. All building complexes are built in two phases, hence the investment closes with phase 6.

You can download the detailed technical specification from here: Printable version



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