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1. ARB Invest Kft. (registered seat: 1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 58., represented by: Dr. Ernő Ináncsy) and the business associations owned by ARB Invest Kft. (hereinafter referred to as ARB Invest Kft.) and Fingerprint Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 6724 Szeged, Cserzy Mihály u. 30/B company registry number: 06-09-008262; tax identification number: 12937554-2-06; individually represented by: Mr. Gábor Tápai, Managing Director) operating the website (hereinafter referred to as Website) regard this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy) as binding on themselves and represent and warrant that their data management comply herewith and the relevant legislation in force:
- Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Activities and Information Society Services (hereinafter referred to as the Electronic Commerce Act),
- Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Requirements and Certain Restrictions of Commercial. Advertising Activities (hereinafter referred to as the Commercial Advertising Act).

Basic data management principles of ARB Invest Kft

2. ARB Invest represents and warrants that its data management fully respects the right of any person providing it with data to self-determination over his/her personal data and assumes the responsibility for the lawfulness of its data management by enforcing the data protection rules ensuring it.

3. ARB Invest may manage data assigned to it only within the scope of the authorization given by the person having provided it with the data and to the extent and for the time indispensable to realize the goal of such data management and as suitable and necessary to achieve this goal.

4. According to the foregoing, ARB Invest is entitled to manage data for the purposes indicated by the person having provided the data and to the extend and for the time indicated by him/her, and is not entitled to use such data in its marketing activities, to send unsolicited emails or postal mails or to give or forward them to third persons unless contrarily provided for by the data provider.

Purpose limitation of data management

5. Management of data provided to ARB Invest is based on the voluntary consent of the persons providing the data. ARB Invest sets the purpose of data management, the scope of data managed and the extent and time of data management necessary for achieving the goal as follows:

a) Data of website visitors

6. In order to maintain safe operations and avoid any misuse during website visits, the provider may, pursuant to Section 13/A(3) of the Electronic Commerce Act, manage personal data (such as the date and time of the visit, IP address, data related to the internet browser of the visitor), with a view to service provision, which are essential to provide the service, to the extent and for the time necessary.


b) Ordering of the brochures of ARB Invest

7. Upon ordering its brochures, ARB Invest uses the name and address of the ordering party not only for the single occasion of mailing the brochure. 

c) The newsletter of ARB Invest

8. ARB Invest sends a maximum of 1 newsletter a month to the subscribers to its newsletter, to the e-mail address given by them, but does not send any other marketing material or direct enquiry. One can unsubscribe from the newsletter via the Leiratkozás/Unsubscribe link in the newsletter. After unsubscription, ARB Invest deletes personal data.

d) The Facebook prize game of ARB Invest

9. ARB Invest manages data voluntarily given by the participants in the prize game organized on the website in pursuance of the Prize Game Rules disclosed.

e) Reporting deficiencies covered by warranty

10. As regards reporting deficiencies covered by warranty, the person submitting the report consents to the fact that ARB Invest forwards the voluntarily provided contact details and data to the site manager or subcontractor contracted by him/her as regards the execution of warranty claims and to the employee of the constructing company, for the purpose of quality assurance. ARB Invest will delete personal data provided after forwarding them.

f) Liaising

11. As regards all electronic mail sent to ARB Invest, to personal e-mail addresses and all e-mail addresses with the extension, ARB Invest reserves the right to forward them to its employee responsible for the case of the mail for the purposes of responding, regardless of the recipient of the mail. ARB Invest is not entitled to use the e-mail address or any other data of the client beyond the scope of handling the relevant case.

g) Other data management

12. ARB Invest will provide information on any data management not included in this Policy in case of arising thereof.

13. Public or municipal bodies or other bodies authorized by the law may contact ARB Invest to disclose or provide information, data or to make documents available. If the contacting authority indicates the purpose of the enquiry and the scope of data requested, then ARB Invest will provide the personal data of the person concerned in an extent essential to implement the purpose of the relevant enquiry.

Place and method of storing personal data and the safety of personal data

14. It is Fingerprint Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 6724 Szeged, Cserzy Mihály u. 30./B; company registry number: 06-09-008262; tax identification number: 12937554-2-06; individually represented by: Gábor Tápai Managing Director) who takes care of the maintenance of the IT system of ARB Invest and the proper protection of data managed by it under a contract of services. ARB Invest makes all reasonable precautions to avoid any threats to the IT system and to the safety of the data stored. The IT system and data storage spaces of ARB Invest are located at the address of ARB Invest, as indicated in the foregoing, and in the server host of ARB Invest.


15. The data provider has the right to request information from ARB Invest as regards the management of his/her personal data and may also request their correction or deletion.

16. Upon the request of the person concerned, ARB Invest will provide information on the data managed, the purpose, legal basis, duration of data management, its activities associated with data management and about the persons receiving or having received data of the person concerned and the relevant purpose.

17. The Data Manager is obliged to provide this information in writing and in plain language within the shortest possible time upon submission of the request but within 30 days at the latest.

18. The person concerned may object against the management of his/her personal data if that does not comply with the Privacy Policy, if he/she considers the data management by ARB Invest to be solely for the purposes to enforce the rights or rightful interest of ARB Invest or the recipient of the data or the use or forwarding of personal data is aimed at direct securing of business, polling or academic research; or if exercising of his/her right to object is otherwise allowed by the law.

19. ARB Invest shall, while suspending its data management at the same time, investigate the objection within the shortest possible time as from the submission of the request but within 5 working days at the latest and inform the petitioner in writing of the results. If the objection is justified, then ARB Invest shall cease the management of data, including any further recording and forwarding of data, and lock the data, and inform all to whom it previously forwarded any personal data concerned by the objection and who shall make actions in order to enforce the right of objection of the objection and the actions taken on the grounds thereof. If the person concerned disagrees with the decision of ARB Invest adopted hereunder, he/she may challenge it at the competent court within 30 days as from being notified thereof. The court is to deal with the case in an expeditious proceeding.

20. The Data Manager shall reimburse damages caused to other persons by the unlawful management of the data of the concerned person or by breaching the requirements of technical data protection. Damages are not to be reimbursed if they are attributable to the willful or grossly negligent behavior of the damaged person.

Other provisions

21. In the procedure initiated by the person concerned and until the receipt of the statement to the contrary of the person concerned, ARB Invest assumes the existence of the consent of the person concerned to the management of his/her necessary data and to their forwarding to the employee responsible for the relevant case.

22. ARB Invest reserves the right to change the conditions included in the Privacy Policy, but shall disclose any changes on its website within 8 days prior to their entry into force.


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