The Allure Residence Budapest housing estate is being built as an investment of ARB Invest Kft, member of our family-owned company group, on a territory bordered by Soroksári út and Vágóhíd utca. Our Group has quite a diverse range of activities, we deal with real estate leasing and utilization, wine wholesale; and also, hotel and catering units in Hajdúszoboszló. Hotel Aurum**** and Hotel Aurum Family**** are our own-developed hotels, meaning that both the investment and the construction were implemented within the Company Group. In the last 8 years, our construction investments in Hajdúszoboszló exceeded 3 billion HUF. Our developments include the establishment of the 1 km long cellar, processing plant and guesthouse of our winery, the Angyal Borászat és Szőlőbirtok (Angyal Inn Wine & Spa), in the total value of 500 million HUF.

Using our years of experience in hotel building, we started the Allure Residence Budapest condo development in 2016, for which we had searched for partners with significant professional background and reference and had selected them in a multiple round tendering process. So we have engaged Bord Építész Studio ( for the general design and Spányi Partners Zrt. for organization and management ( We have dreamt the Allure Residence Budapest housing estate to be comfortable to you, so that you and your family can move into a homey, sunny and friendly apartment. The design phase considered practical aspects as well and we put special emphasis on the creation of comfortable inner spaces. Each and every 35–110 sqm. apartment has therefore been created from the drawing board with a highly considered, livable and lovable layout. The excellent infrastructure of the 9th district, the nearby cultural, shopping and sports centers all add to the value of the Allure Residence Budapest housing estate. The family-friendly building complex is a perfect home for young people, families with small children and the elderly as well.

We have decided to make homes for families! The implementation bears the needs of future owners in mind to the maximum and is done without compromise, applying state-of-the-art architectural and technological solutions. The excellent apartments of Allure Budapest Residence are being built in an attractive environment with great infrastructure, for excellent people. We do not compromise!


ARB Sales Kft.
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