We kept customer convenience in mind while scheduling the payments for Allure Residence Budapest, based on preliminary consultations with the banks. The investment is self-funded and bank-financed.

Expected completion of Phase 1: 1st quarter of 2018, the further phases are currently foreseen to follow the respective preceding one in 6-8 months.

Mortgage loans do not imply any constraints. An independent financial advisor is available to our customers to select the most favorable loan.

If the buyer finances a larger share of the purchase price, then we can offer further discounts. Please definitely contact our salespersons for this!

Applying for the Family Housing Allowance:

Allure Residence Budapest offers newly built apartments which also meet the other legal requirements for eligible real estate, thus you can apply for the Family Housing Allowance (the so-called CSOK) to buy any of our apartments larger than 40 sqm. Personal eligibility requirements for the Family Housing Allowance (CSOK):

  • Hungarian citizenship or
  • being a person falling within the scope of the Act on the Admission and Residence of Persons with the Right of Free Movement and Residence and having exercised such rights within the territory of Hungary for at least 3 months, or
  • having an immigrant, settled-down, stateless or protected legal status.

Further general terms and conditions:

  • clean criminal record or
  • being exempt from the penalties associated with an unclean criminal record at the time of application,
  • absence of any public-law debt recorded at the public tax authority,
  • at least one of the applicants have social security coverage which is older than 180 days (2 years, in case of three children), with an interruption of maximum 30 days if any,
  • the applicant has not been a registered jobseeker or employed in the public works program during the period of 180 days preceding the application.

The allowance is available for married couples, young married couples (where at least one of them is still younger than 40) and life partners jointly, or single persons, for their children living in the same household. In terms of the Decree, children are:

  • Applicant’s biological or adopted children under 20,
  • person under 25 and still being a full-time student of a higher education institution,
  • person over 20 and being a disabled worker, if his/her condition has been existing for at least a year or his/her condition is not expected to cease within one year.

Pursuant to the Government Decree (16/2016 (II.10.)) in force, children and stepchildren also constitute eligibility for the allowance. They are eligible for the allowance equal to the amount payable to married couples entitled to the larger benefit.
Young married couples still not having children may apply for the advanced allowance for undertaking a maximum of 3 children. Young married couples with one child may undertake two additional children, young married couples with two children may undertake one additional children as regards the Family Housing Allowance.
Deadlines for having children:

  1. 4 year for one child,
  2. 8 years for two children,
  3. 10 years for three children.

Maximum amount of the subsidized loan:

  1. For one child: 600,000 HUF
  2. For two children: 2,600,000 HUF
  3. For three or more children: 10,000,000 HUF + 10,000,000 HUF

the Family Housing Allowance is not subject to the price of the apartment and the number of rooms, only to the net floor area excluding the balcony: it is not available for apartments less than 40 sqm.
Net floor space of the apartment, according to the conditions for applying: 

  1. For one child: at least 40 sqm.
  2. For two children: at least 50 sqm.
  3. For three or more children: at least 60 sqm.

You are also eligible to the allowance if at least one of the married couple, life partners or young married couple is studying in a higher education institution. Families with one or two children may also apply for the Family Housing Allowance even if they hold a residential property, the Decree does not oblige them to sell it.
The conditions described above apply solely to the apartments of Allure Residence Budapest.

Garages, storage rooms:
The gross price of covered garages on Level -1 starts at 3,000,000 HUF
It is possible to create storage rooms on the garage level, their gross price is expected to be 300,000 HUF/sqm.



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