Family Housing Allowance, right from the drawing board

The Family Housing Allowance rules have changed. The new regulations allow you to buy your apartment right from the drawing board.  Thus, the Family Housing Allowance is available for the apartments of Allure Residence Budapest as well.

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The upswing of the housing market, beginning in 2015 and steadily continuing in 2016, driven by several factors of the demand, may produce 15-20 thousand new apartments in the next eighteen months. This upswing may last for an additional 2-3 years, making the supply catch up with the demand.
Changes in the regulations of the Family Housing Allowance effective as of 1 October 2016 assist in the purchase of these apartments being under construction either right now or in the future. The changes have made it much easier for people under 25 and those raising children with special education needs, or women at the start of their pregnancy or guardians raising orphans to apply for the Family Housing Allowance. The same applies to people living in company apartments due to their jobs and people buying newly built condominiums and semi-detached houses. It is an additional relief that one can use the Family Housing Allowance to buy apartments that are still under design or construction as well. The banks are already offering the Family Housing Allowance with the new conditions.  Thus families which were previously rejected may get the allowance under the new rules if they reapply for it. 
Source: Magyar Idők


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