DISCLAIMER: Our Operation During the Emergency

Dear Partner!

We would like to inform everyone that the health of our colleagues, our clients and the maintenance of our business is our priority. We remain committed to keeping our operations running as smoothly as possible.

We have been monitoring the events hour after hour since the pandemic outbreak and are doing our utmost to keep our business going! Our office is open, but we kindly ask our clients that visit the office personally only in an urgent situation! Our colleagues are available by phone and email at all times at the usual high standard level.

Signing contracts during the emergency period:

Contract signings are ongoing, but we must strive to minimize human contact. The law firm will send the contract to the Buyers in pdf format and then will provide accurate written and telephone instructions on how to sign the document. The signed copies must be returned by post to the law office by a postal receipt, and then, the document will be signed by the investor's representative. Please send an email to the law firm upon posting the document or if you have any comments. If this process is not feasible, please contact our colleagues by phone.

Technical inspections during the emergency period:

Because of the international and domestic epidemiological situation, only the employees of ARB Invest Ltd., the technical inspector and the employees of the constructor will be present during the technical inspection of the apartment. We will inspect the apartment according to the plans, quotes, datasheets, tiling plans approved by the Buyer. We will record all technical errors and incomplete items in a report. Photographs taken, along with the recorded minutes, will always be sent to the Buyer via email. The report will be handed over to the contractor, who will have to correct/rectify the deficiencies and errors before it is taken into use.

With the Buyer, the takeover record will be the formal handover procedure in which, of course, we will record the comments made by the Buyer.

Assignment procedure during the emergency period:

ARB Invest Ltd. ensures the sale of the flats in the interest of the Buyers even in the case of an epidemic situation.

In the case of phase IV. and V. one day per week, there is an opportunity for the assigning the apartments, including the receipt of official documents and keys to the property. At the same time as we agree on the date of the handover, we will send a statement to the Owner by e-mail, which should be completed and signed before the assignment. This includes that the recipient has not been in contact with an infected person and has not been abroad, or has no known fellow citizen returning from abroad. Once the signed document has been received by email, the assignment of the apartment can happen. The place of assignment is the disinfected sales office in the presence of a maximum of 1 Buyer.

We hope that the epidemic will end soon, and in the meantime, we will follow the procedure outlined above. As the situation is getting better, we will notify you of the changes, as we want to provide you the opportunity of personal presence before the assignment.

The construction proceeds in the usual way but concerning the hygiene regulations, and we pay special attention to the hygienic conditions and health of the employees.


Thank you very much for your contribution and wish you good health!

Kind Regards,

Ernő Ináncsy Dr.

CEO of ARB Invest Ltd.


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