3D weekend

This fall will also see the largest real estate exhibition and housing fair of Hungary at the Millenáris event venue. At the Lakás 2016 event we are going to present Allure Budapest in 3D.

According to the organizers the Hungarian housing market is booming, everybody wants to buy an apartment, house or build, sell, let or renovate one. What’s more, the Family Housing Allowance and the 10+10 million HUF state subsidy can be interesting even to those who haven’t been thinking about buying an apartment before. There are new housing constructions both in Budapest and all around the country, there are lots of used real properties on the market and those wanting to build their home can select from the best options. We may therefore also not miss the market-leading Portfolio LAKÁS 2016 housing exhibition and fair.

This event is going to be all about reality at our stand (E8) :) We are preparing with two specialties. The Allure Stand is going to use a large model and an augmented reality application to show what one of the most beautiful housing estate of the 9th district will look like.

Until then you can find further information about the housing fair here.


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